Law Enforcement

Just as law enforcement protects our communities, we are busy working to protect law enforcement agencies in all manner of civil proceedings.  Our litigation attorneys have more than fifty combined years of experience defending law enforcement professionals and municipalities against civil claims.  For decades we have aggressively defended County Sheriffs, local police agencies, supervisors, police officers and correction officers in federal and state courts.  The types of law enforcement cases we defend range from complex class action civil rights claims to individual false arrest claims. We have defended law enforcement agencies and police officers in a wide variety of excessive force claims including uses of lethal force, Tasers/”stun guns”, hard hand techniques and mechanical restraints.

Our litigators appreciate the difficult split-second decisions which law enforcement professionals routinely make under the most stressful and challenging conditions. We make it our business to understand that the judgements law enforcement professionals make in the streets and in jails are sound and necessary so that we can convey these complex concepts to Courts and juries to allow them to consider and appreciate the “officer’s perspective.”  Our extensive experience defending law enforcement claims at all levels enables us to stay abreast of current legal and societal trends and to ensure that our clients assert all defenses available to them. We understand that, despite the shifting winds of public attitudes, the hard-earned reputation of each law enforcement professional is at stake in almost every law enforcement claim and should be highly valued.